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Start Your Day Right With These 10 Morning Rituals That Boost The Mind, Body and Metabolism

Starting your day with good habits is essential if you want to feel full of energy. We are going to explain 10 morning rituals that you should include in your morning schedule.


After waking up from a long night’s sleep you can’t immediately feel refreshed and ready to start with your day. While you are sleeping your muscles stiffen which is why you should relax them by stretching, according to active.com. Stretch your back into Child’s pose right after you wake up. This way you will improve the blood circulation thus reduce the tension and stress. If you don’t know which muscles you need to stretch, start with your neck, then proceed with your shoulders, chest back, quads, hamstrings and finish with the calves.

Wake up on time

Snoozing the alarm too often is a bad habit. Prolonging your alarm for 10 minutes can cause many health issues such as nervousness, recklessness, anxiety and additional stress. Waking up on time is a much better way to start your day and you will also have time to shower, drink your coffee and enjoy a healthy breakfast.

Set your internal clock

Most people have an internal clock that “tells” the body when the day starts and when it is time to wake up. For some people the internal clock is not so precise, for example people who sleep more than 9 hours produce more melatonin than those who sleep less. Consult a professional to learn if you need to take melatonin supplements.

Morning exercise

This activity is very important because it will promote blood flow and increase the heart rate thus make you feel more alert. You will also have more energy so try exercising at least once and you will be amazed by the difference.

Read in bed

Using electronic devices before going to bed such as smartphones and tablets can keep you awake during the night because of the light that the screens emit. However, using them in the morning will help your brain wake up faster, according to telegraph.com.uk.

Eat an iron-packed breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try to consume more iron-rich foods in the morning because iron deficiency can make you feel like you lack energy. Iron deficiency reduces the oxygen flow to the brain making us feel lazy. Include eggs, peanut butter, beans and green leafy vegetables in your breakfast. Drinking orange or lemon juice is also recommended because they will provide your body with vitamin C which increases iron absorption.

Dress like you mean it

According to forbes.com, wearing loose clothing tricks your body into thinking that it’s time to relax. So, put on fancy clothes before you go out.

Calm down and meditate

You can reduce stress levels by meditating at least 5 minutes in the morning. Play some relaxing music and focus on your breathing. This healthy habit will provide you with mental clarity, profound prosperity and set the stage for the day that comes.

Don’t sleep in on weekends

For many people the weekends are the only days when they can relax and sleep more. However, this is not a good idea because you should spend equal amounts of time resting every day. This way Mondays will not seem as bad as they do now.