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Turmeric Juice – Powerful Healing Beverage

When you talk about healing, Turmeric should (from now on) be a topic for discussion. Not just Turmeric itself, but the juice that can be produced from it, the juice which we’ll present further on in the text. Before we do that, for those that don’t know, here is why Turmeric has healing powers; for those that already know, here is a reminder.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory qualities, it’s great for the joints and bones, it alleviates metastases from occurring in cancers, it’s great for detox, boots the metabolism, regulates weight and helps the liver and kidneys.

To prepare the Turmeric Juice, first and quite obviously is to peel the turmeric. Get a tamarind and remove the inner roots from it. In a pot of water, put the turmeric and boil it for 20 minutes, until it gets a marigold color.

In another pan, put an inch of water along with the peeled tamarind. Mix it until you see the seeds coming out. Once the seed start to come out, the texture will become soft.

In the turmeric water, pour cold water to cool it down and mix it together with the turmeric in a blender.

Next up is the tamarind, put it in a strainer that is on top of a bowl and use wooden utensil to mix the jam. The jam that falls in the bowl put it in the blender where the turmeric water is. Blend that mixture again. You can use fresh-squeezed lemons to add more flavor. Then, put the entire mixture in a jar and shake.

Once that is done, the Turmeric juice is ready for devouring. The juice can last in the fridge for 2 to 3 days.