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Lose Weight With The Help Of Homemade Syrup

This homemade syrup melts deposits on the stomach as from a joke. Therefore, this syrup will lead you to figure in the order for a few days
Not only is this a great mix for weight loss, but it is good for the memory, hearing, and vision.

For this homemade syrup you need:

  • 125 grams of horseradish
  • 4 lemons
  • 2 centimeters fresh ginger
  • 3 teaspoons honey
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon

Preparation of syrup:

At first of all, put in the blender a horseradish and ginger until you get a smooth paste. Then into this mixture, pour the lemon juice and stir well again. Add pain and cinnamon and mix until you get syrup. When finished, put it in a glass jar.


Take one teaspoon twice a day, before meals or before exercise and eat for three weeks.

Note about this homemade syrup:

Thanks to this homemade syrup recipe, women are daily decreased waist circumference by 1 cm.
This balm eliminates excess fat and water from the body, improves the function of the brain, improves memory, improves hearing and sight.
The main ingredients of this recipe are fresh horseradish, not sprayed lemons with peel and honey.
For many diet is the most commonly a horseradish root. Therefore, it is extremely tasty and slightly spicy young leaves of the plant.

Horseradish root

Due to its composition and a horseradish gourmet, you can use it for medical purposes.
Is an indispensable supplement to other dishes, especially with fatty foods, it helps to be easier to digest.

Horseradish cleanses the body, improves metabolism, reduces fatigue, while the most recommended for diabetics. Encourages the reproduction and development of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. You can use fresh root  throughout the year if timely buried in moist sand or kept in the basement. If you have a larger root, you can grate the required amount, and the rest to wrap in aluminum foil and leave in the refrigerator in a box of vegetables.